Private Hire Insurance

PCO Licensed Driver’s MUST have valid Private Hire Insurance cover while carrying out work for hire and reward. If you carry passengers in the course of business for Hire or Reward you have to ensure adequate Private Hire Insurance is in force.  As you can imagine finding a competitive Private Hire Insurance quote is task which takes some time and effort.

Let’s just get a couple of points straight. Normal car insurance will not cover you for private hire work. You have to change/start a policy which specifically covers you for the hire & reward aspect. You will be carrying the public in your vehicle and need adequate insurance to cover all eventualities.

Hackney carriage is totally different. These privileged people, in addition to Private Hire perks, are also able to ply for hire. i.e when you see a person in the roadside waving their hands trying to get a taxi, Private Hire drivers are not allowed to pick up such a punter only Licensed Hackney carriage drivers can stop and take the fare. This is referred to as “flagging” or “plying for hire”

Private Hire Drivers can only take pre-booked fares/customers.

Our recommendations.

We are currently searching for a reputable company to come on-board with us and offer thousands of our visitors  Private Hire Insurance quotes. For now, please Google some companies and take your time to find the best deals.

Things to remember when getting Private Hire Insurance Quotes.

  • Can you use your private car insurance no claims bonus on the Private Hire Insurance Policy – This could save you loads of money!
  • If you go for a monthly, quarterly etc policy will you be able to use that periods no claim bonus towards the next monthly, quarterly etc policy.
  • Breakdown cover – you may wish to take this up separately
  • Vehicle maintenance warranty – you may wish to take this up separately
  • Courtesy vehicle

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