Red route licence

Although red routes are off limits to most ordinary drivers looking to stop and drop off or pick up passengers, taxicab drivers are allowed to make drop offs and pickups on the majority of these sections of roads.  This is only as long as they have a sign displayed that proves to CCTV and police that they are licenced to make use of red routes.   This is a completely separate thing to your PCO badge and you have to apply for it through a PCO operator who then can pass it onto the driver for free.  It can be quite costly if you stop at a red route without having the proper credentials, meaning you may have to pay as much as £130.  This is why it is advisable that all taxicab drivers make sure they order a red route sign.  As these parts of the roads known as red route can become easily jammed up, they are policed regularly in London.

What Exactly Are Red Routes?

The busy sections of roads where there are stopping restrictions active are what are known as red routes.  Although in London red routes make up 5% of the roads, they still have 30% of London’s traffic driving over them.

How Do I Apply For Red Routes Sign?

As previously stated, it is only a licensed operator who could apply for the special red routes sign.  So they will need to fill out the red routes application form and send it back on your behalf and send it to the address below.

Private Hire Red Route Team

4th Floor

Green Zone


197 Blackfriars Road



If your PCO operator cannot post it to the address they can fax it to – 020 3054 3160

The rules connected to the red routes sign application state that any PCO operator can register a total of 36 cars.  However, if the operator’s company has a much larger fleet of taxicabs the Transport For London have made a Microsoft Excel version of the red routes application form that can be downloaded, completed and emailed directly to

The Red Routes application form must include the following information:

  • Your PCO Operators Name
  • PCO Licence Number
  • Car Number plate registration for cars that are going to make use of the signs.

Where Should I Display My Red Routes Sign?

In order for your red routes signs to be seen properly, the stickers should be stuck to the outside of the glass.  One of your stickers should go on the front windscreen just below your PCO licence, while the other sticker should be placed on the bottom right side of the rear windscreen.  There is no need to worry about these stickers coming off because of the weather as once they are stuck down; they are very hard to remove.  There are completely tamper proof, however if the stickers are damaged, you need to just ask your PCO operator to request another free set of stickers.

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