Private Hire Cars London

After you have obtained your PCO Licence you’ll need to find a suitable Private Hire Vehicle before you start work in London.

Private Hire Cars London.

It basically comes down to 2 choices. You can either:

  • Hire a vehicle (Lease, Contract hire or Hire Purchase)
  • Buy your own

Initially, we recommend you hire, that way you have the perfect opportunity to test drive and check fuel consumption on various vehicle makes and models. Then, when you’ve managed to find a vehicle that suites you then start looking to purchase one for yourself!

If you are thinking about using your own vehicle then you are probably wondering what the restrictions are on your vehicle and if you are able to use it.

The regulations have changed and from the 1st of April 2012 you will not be able to licence a vehicle for the first time if it is over 5 years old. Any vehicle which has been licensed can remain licensed for up to 10 years from the manufacture date (subject to a yearly renewal).  These vehicles will also have to pass the Euro 4 emission standard.

We recommend you browse to search Private Hire Cars London.

To book your vehicle in for a test please call NSL on 0343 222 5555




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