PCO Licence Renewal

A PCO Licence renewal application has to be done every 3 years.  Therefore, it is essential that YOU keep a note of the expiry date.
To avoid any time without a licence, your renewal pack will normally be sent out several weeks (4-6 weeks) ahead of the deadline.  The majority of the renewal forms will be pre-filled out. All you you need to read through the details and make sure everything is correct.

As part of the renewal process along with the above you must do the following:

  • Read through thoroughly and sign the declarations
  • Send your renewal application form in asap before the expiration of your current PCO licence
  • Remember to send both the licence fee and the application fee with your completed form
  • A new DBS (CRB) check is required
  • A new Medical Check is also required (only if you are over 45 years old)

When Can I Expect My New Licence?

Your new PCO Licence will be sent out to you before your current one expires, provided there are no problems or issues with your renewal application forms.

I didn’t get my renewal forms through the post.

Please note, TfL are not responsible for renewing your PCO Licence. The onus is on the licence holder to ensure their PCO Licence is renewed in time. If TfL did not send the renewal forms out or you never received it, you cannot argue it’s “their fault”.

It’s your licence and you simply have to renew it regardless of receiving the renewal reminder from TfL. So please make sure you keep a note in your diary for PCO Licence renewal. Remeber, it’s illegal to drive without a valid PCO Licence in force.


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