PCO Licence Disabled Drivers

As part of enforcing The Equality Act 2010 that disabled people are protected and discrimination against people with disabilities is prevented, anyone can become a fully licenced taxicab driver and an employer must make the necessary adjustments to show consideration for disabled drivers.  Before you go through the same application process as anyone else, there are some things you need to giver consideration to before you fill out any application form.

You Have To Meet DVLA Group 2 Medical Fitness Requirements

Just as it is with all PCO licence applicants you have to meet specific guidelines laid out in the DVLA’s Group 2 Medical standards.  To ensure that you do meet the relevant requirements you must have an official medical check-up with your Doctor.  This medical exam normally takes about half an hour, during which you will be asked about the following subjects:


  • Vision
  • Psychiatric
  • Neurological
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Endocrine System
  • Cardiovascular


Your doctor will give his professional opinion based on the results of the medical check-up and the answers you gave to the questions he asked, on whether or not he feels you meet the guidelines set for the DVLA Group 2 Medical and they will then complete the last part of the PHV/204, sign it and put an official surgery stamp on it as extra proof.  If you successfully pass this medical you will need to send that form along with the rest of the PCO application form and other documentation.

Although no one wants to hold back anyone from doing what they want to in life, regardless of disability there are some medical conditions that will stop you from ever getting a licence.  These include:

  • Some Prescribed medication
  • Headaches, blackouts, strokes and other Neurosurgical and Neurological disorders
  • Heart issues
  • A physical disability that means that a doctor could not ok that person working as a driver
  • A history of either severe mental disability or mental illness
  • A pattern of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Progressively Degenerative Illnesses
  • Poor vision or monocular
  • Insulin Treated and Insulin Dependant
  • Epilepsy

How Do I Apply For A Disabled Drivers PCO Licence?

There are two ways you can apply, either by downloading the application form from the Transport for London website or you can have the application pack mailed directly to your home.  However if you require a large print variation, you need to call 0343 222 4444 and they may send a pco licence pack out to you.


Many disabled drivers need their cars to be modified to make sure they can fully control the car.  A driver assessor and a medical professional like your doctor will need to make an assessment and decide from there what, if any, modifications and equipment were needed.  This assessment can be organised through the Transport for London’s Driver Licensing Team.

The following are some of the most commonly found modifications on cars:

  • Infra-red control panel to operate horn, indicators and the lights
  •  Reconditioned and reconfigured foot pedal
  • A Hand Operated Controller for the accelerator
  •  Hand Operated Brakes
  • Steering Wheel Ball

As well as ensuring that any modifications are made by an authorised and fully experienced Motability installer, with written proof will be required to ensure the works were actually carried out.

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