PCO Licence Application

You can no longer download a PCO Licence Application Pack

There is always room for more Minicab or Chauffeur Drivers in London. If you think you have what it takes there are two options:  Make the application yourself or let a reputable company assist you.

Whichever way you choose, you will undoubtedly want to know what is included in the pack, what you should do with it and what happens once you have sent it off to be assessed.  All of which we will cover on this page.

What’s Included In The PCO Licence Application Pack?

If you choose to have it delivered by post, you will receive the following:

  • Information Sheet about the Topographical Skills
  • PHV/207 – This details the accepted payment methods and the fees connected to your application.
  • PHV/204 – This is a Medical Declaration that you need to fill in and bring along to the medical with your GP, who will also fill in their parts and stamp it to give approval.
  • PHV/203 – This is your PCO Licence application form.
  • Information about the “Check and Send” service.  The Post Office offers the “Check and Send” service for PCO licence applications.  Simply take all the relevant forms fully completed, pay £7 with a post office clerk and they check through your application and make sure everything has been filled out correctly and that all the required paperwork has been included.  Once they have given it the all clear they will also ask you to pay your application fee to them or you can simply opt to pay via card, in which case just enter your credit/debit card details on the form itself.
  • Pre-Addressed Envelope – As well as being the envelope you use to send your application form and other relevant paperwork, it also features a handy checklist on the back to make sure you do not forget to include anything.
  • Guidance notes on how to do the DBS check. It is advisable to do the online DBS check as this is a quicker route and it’s approved by TfL.

N.B Once you’ve done your DBS check, in the past a DBS Disclosure Certificate would have been sent both to you and TfL, now it’s only sent to you. So in the event you have convictions, TMG will request the original certificate and take a copy and forward a copy to TfL and then return your original certificate. It’s essential that you respond to letters as your application will not be considered for grant until the DBS check is 100% complete.

If you have no convictions then you will not be asked to forward your Disclosure Certificate.

What Should I Send Back With My PCO Licence Application?

When you think you are ready to send off your PCO licence application, please ensure that you have included the following:

  • The Completed PHV/203 PCO Licence Application Form including your CRB reference number/disclosure number.
  • Passport photograph
  • NI Proof
  • Photocopy of proof that you are allowed to live and work in the United Kingdom, such as a passport, residency permit, letters from the Home Office etc.
  • Photocopy of your current DVLA Driving licence or your EEA licence and the United Kingdom Counterpart if you have one.
  • PHV/207 – Application fee of £250
  • PHV/204 – Your Medical stamped and signed by a doctor

When Will I Get My PCO Licence? 

While it is estimated that it will take around 12 to 16 weeks for your PCO licence application to be fully processed, it is worth bearing in mind that as renewal applications are processed before existing licences expire, there is no set in stone time length for your licence being issued.  To help move the process along it is advised that you check and double check that your forms are fully completed, so that missing out one or two questions doesn’t hold up the entire licensing process.

What Do I Do If I Still Haven’t Received My PCO Licence Application Pack Or Licence?

When you request that an application pack is sent out, if you don’t receive it within 10 working days or have been waiting months to hear anything related to your application, you should contact Transport For London on the telephone or email address below:

Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) 08:00 – 17:00

Telephone: 0343 222 4444

Fax: 020 3054 3160

Email: tph.enquiries@tfl.gov.uk

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